Gurpreet Mahajan

Gurpreet Mahajan is a political theorist and professor at the Centre for Political Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, where she has taught since 1986. She is the author of several works including India: Political Ideas and the Making of a Democratic Discourse (2013), Explanation and Understanding in the Human Sciences, 3rd ed (2011), Accommodating Diversity: Ideas and Institutional Practices (2011), The Multicultural Path: Issues of Diversity and Discrimination in a Democracy (2003) and Identities and Rights: Aspects of Liberal Democracy in India (2000) and has edited volumes on the subject of democratic citizenship, religion and politics and social justice. She has been a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University and University of Chicago, and visiting fellow at the University of Toronto, Maison des Sciences D'Le Homme and at the University  of Hull.