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The Australian Journal of Asian Law is a forum for debate for scholars and professionals concerned with the laws and legal cultures of Asia. It aims for recognition as a leading medium for scholarly and professional discourse in a region characterised by rapid growth and social change. It is a joint initiative of the members of the Asian Law Centre at the University of Melbourne and the Law Faculty of the Australian National University, with support and advice from Australian and international colleagues. The Australian Journal of Asian Law publishes two issues every year.
From edition 13(1) the Australian Journal of Asian Law is freely available in electronic form via our SSRN website. This important change will enhance the quality, availability and accessibility of the journal.
Requirements for submission
1.     Standard articles or translations should be 8,000 to 12,000 words (inclusive of notes and references), depending on the subject matter.
  1. Book reviews or review essays should be 1,000, or, 3,000 words for a longer review essay.
  2. Intending authors should adopt the style used in this journal, that is, in-text citations. A style guide is available from the editors on request.
  3. An abstract of 150-200 words should accompany every submission.
  4. Intending authors should provide their contact details, institutional affiliation, position and any other relevant information in a separate document.
  5. A reference list of all material mentioned in the article, including books, book chapters, journal articles, court decisions and laws, should be provided at the end of the article.
  6. Contributions should be submitted to the editors ([email protected]) as an email attachment using Microsoft Word.
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Tarunabh Khaitan
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