Assessing a Home Minister

The Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil has been the butt of criticism in the media for his handling of the J&K crisis. Much of the criticism, it appeared to me, was without substance. This article in Tehelka tries to make a balanced appraisal of the Home Minister’s record in office, but is still inadequate. Among other things, the author says the criticism of HM is indeed his strength, and a certificate to his non-partisan record. As Home Minister, he is expected to keep federal relations on an even keel, and that is what he has achieved by strictly confining himself to the Constitution. While perceptions do influence an assessment of a Minister, there is need for fact-based review of a Minister’s omissions and commissions, which I find missing in the media.
UPDATE: Read Prabhu Chawla’s interview with Mr.Patil in India Today here.

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