A fortnightly feature inspired by I-CONnects weekly What’s New in Public Law feature that addresses the lacuna of a one-stop-shop public law newsletter in the Indian legal space.

What’s new at LAOT

1.  Kanishk Srinivas, Escaping the Religious Undertones of Article 25: Analysing the Right
to Conscience (explains the scope of the right to conscience, how it differs from other
fundamental rights, and the impediments that exist to its application in the near future)

2. Aditya Panagauti, State of Kerala v. Union of India: Reshaping Indian Fiscal Federalism,
(examines the State of Kerala’s challenge against the Union of India’s borrowing
constraints, analyzing the fiscal relationship, constitutional history, and the Union’s
authority to regulate the States’ borrowings)

Lately in Academic Articles

1. Valan A, Akanksha Jumde & Nishant Kumar, “Mutated Sumangali Scheme”: challenges in enforcement of labour laws in spinning mills of Tamil Nadu, Indian Law Review (analyzes the continuation of the “Sumangali” scheme for women and the consequent female labor violations under this).
2. Siddhartha Misra, Indian Practice of International Law Global Norms and their Domestic
Enforcement, Routledge (examines the different aspects of India’s practice of
international law).
3. Asang Wankhede, Affirmative Action for Economically Weaker Sections and Upper-
Castes in Indian Constitutional Law Context, Judicial Discourse, and Critique, Routledge
(analyzes the features and inherent contradictions of the 103rd amendment to the Indian
Constitution which introduced reservations for Economically Weaker Sections).
4. The Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Journal released Volume
VIII Issue II. Some of the articles from the edition include:

a. Sonsie Khatri & Tasneem Fatma, Second Chances and Digital Erasure: Do
Former Convicts Have the Right to be Forgotten in India?
b. P Ishwara Bhat, Role of Constitutional Interpretation: The Expanding Circles
from AK Gopalan to In Re Article 370.

Elsewhere online

1. Alok Prasanna Kumar, Kejriwal's Arrest and Bail is a Case of Near-Unlimited
Discretionary Power, The Quint.

2. Alok Prasanna Kumar, Consumer Protection and Professionals, Economic and Political

3. Nimisha Srivastava, The Pune Porsche Case: Unpacking the Law on Bail, the ‘Essay’ and the Child-Adult Question, Project 39A.

4. Abhinav Sekhri, Jail is not the Rule – Restrictive Bail Conditions, After Independence
(Part 2), The Proof of Guilt Blog.

5. Sukriti, A Primer on the NetChoice and Murthy cases before SCOTUS and why they
matter for India, Centre for Communication Governance.

6. Aman Mehta, Breathing Life into the Right to Life: The Indian Supreme Court and the
Right to be Free from the Adverse Effects of Climate Change, IACL-AIDC Blog.

7. Gautam Bhatia, The Judiciary and the 2024 General Election: Round-Up, Constitutional
Law and Philosophy.

Listen Up

1. Meghna Bal and G. Sampath, Is the Draft Digital Competition Bill too restrictive?, In
Focus by The Hindu (analyzes the various provisions of the draft of the Digital
Competition Bill and its impact on various stakeholders).

2. Syed Akbaruddin and Amit Baruah, Will the ICJ ruling make a difference to the Israel-
Gaza issue?, In Focus by The Hindu (explains the likely effect of the ICJ ruling on
Israel’s continued attack on Palestinian civilians).

3. Sidharth Pillai, Monica Kumar, Gitanjali Prasad and Ambika Pandit, Juveniles in justice
system, The Times of India Podcast (analyzes the multiple facets of crimes involving
minors and the importance of reformation programmes for underaged accused, in light of
the Pune case).

4. Shekhar Gupta, Bhadra Sinha and Ananya Bhardwaj, SC’s unprecedented interim bail to Kejriwal: Law, politics, political implications, CutTheClutter by The Print (discusses the
SCs bail order & its conditions, why it is ;unprecedented; and the complexities and
legalities of the case).

Opportunity and other things:-

1. Call for submission for seminar on ‘Constitutionalism in Contemporary Times’ at NLU
Jodhpur on 7 September 2024. The last date to submit an abstract is 20 June 2024.2. Call for Papers by Pluralist Agreement and Constitutional Transformation (PACT) –
NLSIU Conference 2024.The last date for submission is June 25, 2024.
3. Call for Chapters for an Upcoming Book titled Understanding Preamble- A deep dive
into the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by DNLU, Jabalpur.The last date to submit
Abstract is 30 June 2024. 

4. 1st National Writing Competition by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University,
Sonepat, on the theme of “Navigating the dynamics of mediation in contemporary legal
practice. The last date to register is 1 July 2024.
5. Call for submissions for GNLU’s SRDC ADR Magazine. The last date for submission is
28 July 2024.
6. Call for Book Chapters Titled Labour Law Enforcement (LLE) by NLU Delhi. The last
date to submit is 31 July 2024.
7. Call for papers by NLUA Law Review for Volume VIII.The last date to submit is 30
September 2024.

This initiative was started by the Law and Other Things Student Team with the guidance of Surbhi Karwa and Gaurav Mukherjee.

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