Desai and Kannabiran on the Thakur case

Kalpana Kannabiran, a Professor of Sociology at NALSAR, Hyderabad, has a column in today’s Hindu on the Thakur case and its implications, where she refers to differences in the four judgments as well. A few days ago, Meghnad Desai had an column in the Express where he seemed to offer, among other things, support for the stance that Justice Bhandari takes in a large portion of his separate judgment.

I know that some people on the blog who have had a long interest in issues of reservation are still formulating their own stances. While we wait for a full debate on the case here, it would be interesting to see how others in politics, civil society and academia view the judgment. I hope others will join me in tracking the more insightful of such views, which will also serve as a record of the debate over the issue for the future.

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